For over 3 decades, NAJITE & OLOKUN PROPHECY ["N.O.P."] has kept authentic afrobeat and African jazz alive from its home base in Los Angeles. Led by Nigerian master percussionist Najite Agindotan, this roaring ensemble embraces the restless genius of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the harmonic innovation of Horace Tapscott and the rhythmic soul of the African Diaspora.


Band leader Najite Agindotan was born in Lagos, Nigeria where, under his father’s direction, he became fully immersed in the musical traditions of his homeland. In his youth he became a protege of Fela Kuti. Aside from learning and mastering the arts of traditional West African drum and dance, Najite spent much of his time in Fela's Kalakuta compound. He performed as a guest artist and was eventually taken as a godson by the late activist and afrobeat originator.


After traveling to the US and playing percussion for such jazz legends as Horace Tapscott and Billy Higgins, Najite formed his own group in 1983, and has since helped to keep the pulse of African music beating strongly on the west coast of the US. 


Many of Southern California's best instrumentalists have lent their talent to N.O.P. over the years--Phil Ranelin, Nate Morgan, Bobby Bryant, Jerri Jheto, the late, great Kpakpo Addo of Ghana's Uhuru Dance Band.--and the current band represents a cross-generational accumulation of their spirit and wisdom.


From saxophonist Jim Thompson (a long time band member for the late, great Bobby Womack) to keyboardist Onome Agindotan (one of Najite's eminently talented sons), the members of N.O.P. have shared a belief in the power of music to raise human consciousness, unify people, and of course to make them want to dance. 

About N&OP

We are here to bring a certain consciousness to the world through our music. We strive to continue the legacy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who spoke of an "Age of Goodness" where no human being could think to do harm to another without bringing that harm upon one's own head. We wish to move your bodies and your minds as we all tap into the universal vibration that connects us all. 


As Fela said, "Music is the Weapon of the Future". In this new age, we have no room for negativity, and we will use this music to fight for the good of all.